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IC-SAT100M, the first satellite mobile !

IC-SAT100M, the first satellite PTT mobile

Based on innovative technology developed by ICOM in exclusive partnership with Iridium, the Iridium PTT mobile IC-SAT100M is the ideal solution for fixed-line professionals looking for the advantages of Iridium PTT SAT100  indoors. As the leader in satellite communications, the Iridium PTT network provides worldwide communications via a constellation of 66 satellites that cover the entire globe. Designed for critical areas, the IC-SAT100M is the perfect equipment for regions where terrestrial networks are insufficient (no GMS, no fixed network) such as deserts, mountains, islands, oceans... or even on board boats out of reach of relay antennas.

The IC-SAT100M guarantees reliable and secure communications. It is quick and easy to set up, for a controlled and transparent budget. Contact SORRAC for a customised quote.

Characteristics of the Iridium PTT Satellite mobile IC-SAT100M 

Iridium PTT : Robust and compact terminal

The IC-SAT100M complies with the MIL-STD-810G standard, allowing it to be used in extreme conditions (from -30 °C to +60 °C). Compact with dimensions of only 125 × 29 × 156 mm, it will fit in any vehicle. It features a microphone with a large backlit display and a rugged, ergonomic keypad.


Waterproof and dustproof

For use in all weather conditions, Iridium PTT is waterproof. The antenna is IP67 (1 metre depth for 30 minutes), the microphone is IP55 and the terminal IP54.


High audio quality

The internal speaker delivers 1500 mW of audio power for loud and clear communication even in the noisiest environments.


Dedicated alert button

Pressing the orange button on the microphone triggers an emergency call to terminals in a pre-defined talkgroup. The emergency call interrupts all ongoing calls.


Use in base station

By installing an antenna on the roof of a building connected to the terminal by a simple Ethernet cable (RJ45), the Iridium PTT mobile IC-SAT100M can be used indoors as a base station, in combination with a desktop power supply.


Integrated Bluetooth

The integrated Bluetooth module allows the equipment to be used hands-free by combining compatible wireless accessories (headsets, earpieces, etc.).


Connect your Iridium PTT with external networks

The IC-SAT100M interconnects with other third party communication systems (analogue radios, digital radios, IP network, LTE...) using the VE-PG4 gateway.

Other features of the Iridium PTT IC-SAT100M

- Compatible with fixed or AH-40 vehicle antenna

- Built-in GPS with on-screen coordinate display

- Pre-programmed text messages like SMS

- Communication recording

- Multilingual menu (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese)

 - Antenna power supply from main unit via cable

- Ethernet (LAN)

- Up to 100m distance between main unit and antenna(400 m with PoE switch).

- Power supply 13.2 V/26.4 VDC


Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

The IC-SAT100M is the ideal satellite mobile for base station use. If you want to equip a vehicle, we recommend the IC-SAT100M-VL

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Iridium PTT Mobile Satellite - ICOM

- Instant communications with PTT
- Group calls
- Base mode operation 
- Antenna offset up to 100 m (400 m with PoE switch)
- Bluetooth: hands-free use (with wireless accessories)
- Iridium PTT Subscription upgradeable according to desired coverage area

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