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Thuraya, the leading satellite operator in the United Arab Emirates, has developed a range of equipment allowing professionals to centralise their communication needs in a single product. The Thuraya network allows its users to benefit from satellite phones to cover the most remote areas at a very competitive price.

A combined GSM and Satellite coverage

 Thanks to 2 geostationary satellites that evolve at the same pace as our planet, the Thuraya network provides clear satellite communications and uninterrupted coverage over two thirds of the globe. Its satellite coverage extends to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and virtually all of Africa and Oceania.

 In addition, with a GSM Roaming network covering almost the entire world, Thuraya offers its users innovative equipment that allows them to combine the 2 technologies in one phone. You can now centralize your needs and evolve in your environment without worrying about your connection. Totally independent from other terrestrial communication networks, Thuraya offers your teams optimal operation wherever you are.

A complete and economical solution

Thuraya is the ideal solution for professionals operating in areas where the terrestrial communication network can be interrupted and who want to ensure that they stay connected to their teams. It is the indispensable tool for marine services, emergency services, NGOs, governments, etc...

The Thuraya satellite phone network allows you to cover the most remote areas (mountain, ocean, desert...) and to benefit from the advantages of a cell phone in critical areas or cut off from all mobile networks.  Thuraya offers you satellite phones :

- Very robust

- Offering a dual sim operation

- Equipped with the Google suite (Google maps, Google chrome, Google search, Google play store...)

- With a long autonomy

- Including for some a camera (X5Touch)

- Customizable SOS button

- Tracking function

- Advanced navigation capabilities

Enjoy a professional, rugged phone that offers your favorite smartphone features.

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