Inmarsat network coverage

A pioneer in satellite communications, Inmarsat was created by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) with the ambition of developing a communications network that would, by vocation, protect lives at sea. 40 years after its creation, the satellite company offers the most advanced and resilient mobile connectivity infrastructure in the world. It provides innovations and services in cooperation with its partners to meet the needs of the maritime, aviation and government sectors, as well as businesses that may find themselves in difficult and/or precarious environments.

For high-performance IP services

The Inmarsat network uses its geostationary satellites and more recently hybrid L-band and K-band satellites to provide worldwide coverage, excluding the poles.

Inmarsat is the first satellite communications provider to offer services to meet specific demands such as :

  • Broadband IP via satellite with speeds up to 512kb/s with BGAN terminals.
  • Very high speed IP with speeds up to 50 Mbps with Global Xpress compatible terminals using Ka-band.
  • Still the classic satellite telephony services.

Customised solutions for all sectors for professionals

In the era of a fully digital society, inmarsat's mission is to extend this connection to the most precarious regions and to the 49% of the world's population that is out of the reach of this connected world. To meet this challenge, Inmarsat offers complete solutions adapted to each targeted sector :

  • Satellite phone such as Isatphone2
  • Satellite data transmission with the BGAN range
  • Satellite communication from your WiFi devices

Moreover, as emergencies can occur at any time, inmarsat is available when you need it thanks to a 24/7/365 after-sales support

Benefits of Inmarsat solutions

Chosen by the french Ministry of Defence, the US ARMY and the Navy, Inmarsat equipment has seduced many customers across different sectors thanks to its strong and well-designed features:


Inmarsat is known throughout the world for offering very rugged products that can accompany you in the most critical environments. The ISATPHONE2, the Inmarsat satellite phone, can easily withstand a temperature range of -20°C to +55°C. In addition, it complies with the IP65 and IK04 shock resistance standards, which makes it the most robust satellite phone on the market.


With a reliable location system, your position will be sent directly along with the emergency call to optimise the intervention you require.

In addition, Inmarsat products such as the ISATPHONE2 benefit from the services of the International Emergengy Response Coordination Center (IERCC)  which will alert the most appropriate emergency service according to your environment and needs.

Network reliability

Operating on global geostationary satellites ensuring reliable call stability and constant network connectivity, Inmarsat offers the most reliable satellite coverage available.

For example, the Inmarsat satellite phone allows you to receive incoming call notifications even if the antenna is folded back on itself.

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