Satellite phone ISATPHONE 2 Inmarsat Inmarsat

Satellite phone ISATPHONE 2 Inmarsat


The most robust phone on the market!

A leader and pioneer in satellite communications for 40 years, Inmarsat develops innovative products to meet the highly reliable connectivity needs of its customers. With the world's most advanced and resilient mobile connectivity infrastructure, Inmarsat serves a wide range of sectors (such as aviation, marine, government and enterprise) by responding individually to the constraints they may face. 

Thanks to years of expertise and development, Inmarsat now offers reliable global coverage and unrivalled availability. 

Discover the IsatPhone 2, Inmarsat's latest innovation in satellite telephony that allows you to stay connected in even the most remote parts of the world while providing unmatched voice clarity and stability. 



IsatPhone 2 features 


Rugged in all conditions.

The Isatphone 2 has been designed entirely by Inmarsat for professionals. Dust and waterproof (IP65), the Isatphone 2 satellite phone adapts to the environmental constraints of its user by offering an amazing endurance in extreme temperatures (-20 / +55°C). It has a transflective screen that allows you to maintain high contrast even in direct sunlight. In addition, by meeting the IK04 standard, the Inmarsat signature satellite phone is shock resistant.  The isatphone2 satellite phone from Inmarsat is the ideal companion for all your missions.


Ensure your safety in one move

With its help and track button, alert your contacts of your situation with a single press of the button. Equipped with a location system, the Isatphone2 will directly send your location at the same time to optimise the intervention you require. 
You can also, if you wish, benefit from the GEOS centre, a global emergency assistance centre, which alerts the most appropriate emergency service to provide the help you need (included in the monthly subscription).  


Optimised battery

isatphone 2's battery gives you up to 8 hours of talk time and 160 hours of standby time. 


Set up in 45 seconds

You need a global communication solution quickly? the isatphone 2 satellite phone is the solution you need 


Fill in your contacts with a snap of the fingers 

The Isatphone2 satellite phone allows you to synchronise your contacts thanks to its compatibility with MS Outlook 2007 and Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. 


Flexible subscription 

Whether you want a pre-paid subscription, a monthly subscription, a simple personal sim card or a corporate subscription, the Inmarsat satellite network offers a range of subscriptions to suit your needs and budget.

Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

Because it operates in a geostationary constellation, this device must have a direct view of the satellite on which your geographical location depends throughout your conversation. Find out the azimuth you'll need to point in the region of use.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Satellite phone - Inmarsat

  •  Reliable connectivity 
  •  Clear and uninterrupted communications 
  •  Optimised battery 
  •  Receives incoming calls even when the antenna is folded 
  •  E-compass for improved pointing capability
  •  E-mail/ SMS/GPS function
  •  IP 65 and IK04
  •  Immediate start-up 
  •  Transflective display

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