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SORRAC, the experts in radiocommunications and SIGINT systems.

Thanks to their experience and technical skills in these fields, we provide innovative and powerful solutions to meet all of your needs.

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SORRAC is a French group and part of the LPI Group. Based in Toulouse, the home of the aeronautics and space industry, the LPI has more than 40 years’ experience in professional radiocommunications equipment. Thanks to their experience with ICOM FRANCE on the national market, the LPI Group has 60 employees and is one of the biggest players on the radiocommunications market.

For the national market, SORRAC offers innovative and powerful solutions in the field of SIGINT/COMINT. For several years, various French Ministries have relied on their expertise and technical capabilities to provide the armed forces with the equipment they need.

An official distributor for TCI, COMINT Consulting and ICOM products and retailer for QRC, Think Rf, Alaris Antenna, Trival Antene, Winradio and Cojot, Wavecom, Hoka.

SORRAC also provides a full range of products for the export market in the following fields :

  • - Radiocommunications (Icom, Motorola, Thrane & Thrane, Furuno, Barrett)

  • - Satellite communication (Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya)

  • - Accessories: Moonraker, Pacific Aerial, Procom, Amphenol Antennas, etc.

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  • - Identifying the client’s needs

  • - Analysing the technological options available

  • - Developing a set of technical specifications


  • - Delivery of the equipment to the site

  • - Integration of the different systems chosen

  • - Training the users

  • - Start-up


  • - Preventive site visit scheduling

  • - Remedial visit scheduling

  • - Client service management

SORRAC can also provide a series of training programmes on site or in our offices, giving users the skills to make the most of the systems and ensure they last.


With a team of radiocommunications engineers and IT experts, this department handles both the improvement of existing systems (upgrades, renovations) and the development of specific new resources. They can either work at their permanent base, or directly with the client.


This department primarily handles the packaging and shipping of the equipment to the clients, but also handles incoming equipment from suppliers around the world. All of the people working in this department are IATA certified.

and training

SORRAC has set up a specific department to handle the changing demands of the market, helping clients with their projects and providing specialist assistance when necessary.

Some of our loyal clients

ministry of the army
ministry of the interior

Sorrac présence dans 26 pays du monde

Sorrac présence dans 26 pays du monde

Sorrac présence dans 26 pays du monde