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Iridium Network coverage  :

In partnership with Iridium, ICOM has developed a new range of equipment dedicated to satellite communication to cover the most isolated areas. The Iridium PTT network provides access to fast, simple and secure group communication on a robust, all-terrain station.


Iridium PTT is the only satellite communication network providing worldwide coverage including the North and South poles, using a constellation of over 66 LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellites. They operate in a low earth orbit at an altitude of approximately 780 km and provide global coverage regardless of the user's position on land, at sea or in the air. Iridium PTT is a new generation communication network. Completely independent of terrestrial communication networks, it ensures that your teams are able to function optimally when other networks are saturated or unavailable.


Iridium PTT is the ideal solution for dealing with crisis situations and hostile areas. It is the indispensable tool for emergency services, medical aid, police forces, industrial groups, NGOs and humanitarian associations, but also for expeditions in polar zones, exceptional convoys, fishing companies, explorers, sailors or extreme sportsmen...

The Iridium PTT network allows coverage of the most remote areas (desert, mountain, ocean) and quick action in case of natural disasters (floods, storms, earthquakes, etc.). Thanks to the group call feature, it allows communication with several people at the same time and thus optimises the coordination of field operations.

  • Global coverage on demand
  • Instant Push-To-Talk communications
  • Quality communications
  • Advanced features


The Iridium PTT network is subscription based and extremely easy to set up. The service is activated remotely, without the need for a SIM card. With this powerful satellite network, define the geographical areas to be covered via the dedicated web interface. The software defines the total area to be covered according to the defined zones. Coverage bubbles can be changed in minutes as your needs change.


Thanks to its research and development office, SORRAC has developed products and applications to meet the specific needs of its customers.

For example, SORRAC has developed a specific version of the IC-SAT100M for use in a vehicle. The IC-SAT100MVL takes into account the constraints of this type of installation, by offering a dedicated, robust and ventilated box and a specific antenna.

The HUBSAT allows the IRIDIUM satellite network to be connected to a standard VHF network. This innovative feature allows to increase the capacity of VHF radios in order to communicate all over the world.

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