Turn your smartphone into a satellite phone!

Created by IRIDIUM for IRIDIUM. The IRIDIUM GO is a satellite gateway operating on the most extensive satellite network in the world. Connect directly your equipment (phones, computers, tablets ...) on it in wifi to enjoy a stable connection even in the most remote areas. The IRIDIUM network is powered by 66 satellites orbiting the earth continuously, guaranteeing you reliable and secure communications wherever you are (even in the poles!).  This multifunctional solution not only turns your smartphone into a satellite phone, but also serves as a beacon that sends your position at regular intervals.

The iridium Go is the ideal innovation for all professionals wishing to make the most of IRIDIUM's offerings (Satellite Phone and Tracker) in one compact and lightweight solution.

Its use is simple and intuitive:

Download on your smartphone the applications specially developed to offer you a centralised and efficient use of the network
Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network offered by the Iridium Go
Take advantage!
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IRIDIUM GO characteristics

Take your IRIDIUM GO anywhere!

Thanks to its compact dimensions (11.4 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm) and its light weight (300 grams), the IRIDIUM GO has an ideal format and without constraint whatever your way of moving. Its certification to the MIL-STD-810F standard, allows it to withstand any test. The IRIDIUM GO can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +60°C, which will meet all your needs.


Dust and moisture proof

Dusty and humid environments are no obstacle! The IRIDIUM GO meets the IP65 standard for total resistance!


Enjoy with peace of mind, ensuring your safety with the IRIDIUM GO

Equipped with an SOS Button, fully programmable, the IRIDIUM GO allows you to send a notification with your position or to establish a voice communication to a specified contact, according to your preference.

This feature also allows you to benefit from the coordination of an emergency response with GEOS, the international help centre.


Iridium Go adapts to all your desires!

Do you want to integrate Iridium Go into your vehicle, boat or any other infrastructure? No problem! Thanks to its antenna connector, the iridium go can be easily transformed from a nomadic to a fixed version.


Stay connected!

 Thanks to the applications available on IOS and Android, customize your device with your favorite features:

IRIDIUM GO: Enjoy voice, SMS, tracking, SOS and even Twitter post services
Iridium mail and web allows you to use compressed and optimized mail and data services. This application allows you to transfer photos by email or on your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
Discover your range of possibilities at: www.iridium.com


Reassure your loved ones!

The tracking function of the iridium GO offers you the possibility to register up to 5 recipients to share your position and to define the frequency of transmission.

Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

Offering an independent Wi-Fi network, the Iridium go allows you to use your phone (call, sms,..) wherever you want. In addition, its ergonomics make it perfect for use in a vehicle or boat for SOS and tracking functions.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Iridium GO - IRIDIUM

  • - Compact, robust and lightweight
  • - Dust and moisture proof
  • - Programmable SOS button 
  • - Coordination of the GEOS centre
  • - Can be used in mobile or fixed mode
  • - Tracking and tracing function
  • - Free IRIDIUM application available on IOS and Android  

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