The Model 641 VHF/UHF Antenna is designed for applications requiring an accurate, multielement, direction finding antenna, combined with a sensitive omnidirectional monitoring antenna. The 641 allows broadband operations from 20 to 3,000 MHz when used in TCI’s Spectrum Monitoring System (SMS) or COMINT DF. Typical DF accuracy is 2 degrees (RMS)  

Les avantages du 641 - TCI

Frequency Range

20-3,000 MHz in one band

Array Element Types

• Nine fans DF
• One omni UHF bicone
• One bicone monitor & reference

RF Switch (for DF)

• High dynamic range solid-state switch with broadband RF preamp.
• Includes test and DF calibration circuits.

Antenna RF Outputs

• Three (DF sample, monitor, DF ref) 50 Ω (1:2 VSWR), Type N connectors

• Inputs Power and control, MIL-C-38999 connector


Dimensions : 0.7 m (28 in.) high x 1.3m (51 in.) diameter

Weight 37 kg (82 lb)

image 641-icom

850 Blackbird NextGen

image 641-icom


image 641-icom


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