The IC-F29SR is an analogue PMR446 transceiver simple to use and ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person.

Global features: 1500mW powerful audio, group call communication, call-ring function, answer back function, private conversation, 21 hours operation with supplied Li-ion battery BP-279, IP67 waterproof and dust-tight, VOX for hand-free operation...

Supplied with AC adaptor, rapid charger, battery pack and belt clip.

Les avantages du PMR446 handheld - ICOM

License free ICOM professional quality made

Dust and water resistant : IP67 certified

Robust (MILSTD810-G certified)

Compact (52,2 x 186,1 x 24,5 mm) and light 240g only

Delivered with battery charger and lithium battery (21H approx.)

Exceptional audio quality, 1500 mW speaker

Call ring

Channel voice announcement

Automatic coverage control feature

Compatible with previous PMR446 series

VOX (power save must be disabled)

fast charger bc-213-icom
battery pack bp-279-icom
mb-133 belt clip-icom

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