IP110H, the new generation Wi-Fi handheld

 ICOM, leader in radio communications for over 40 years, never stops reinventing itself to offer innovative and robust products. Aware of the professional challenges that are constantly evolving in a fast-moving world, the company is committed to offering durable products that professionals can rely on to keep in touch with their teams and never be isolated.

The IP110H Wi-Fi handhelds are built to offer an affordable solution while providing high-end features that will meet your requirements and the evolution of your missions. This allows you to have a durable and secure communication solution. All without the need for a license!

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Features of the ICOM IP110H Wi-Fi handheld


A global solution that can be deployed immediately without extra cost

The WI-FI handhelds are the ideal solution for companies looking for a secure, intuitive and easy to set up way to communicate. Whether you work in a hotel, on a construction site, in tunnels, mining operations but also in large warehouses, hospitals or buildings that have leaded glass, the IP110H is the perfect equipment. Running on your own network, you won't have to pay any additional costs to use it. It requires no additional infrastructure and is adaptable to all network points. If you don't have one, SORRAC can propose access points adapted to your needs. They work with enterprise Wi-Fi to guarantee additional security. They are therefore particularly ideal for companies and their infrastructures.

The big plus: This network is interconnectable in the world to offer you a coverage where you want via an IP network. You can communicate with remote sites (even on different continents!) with the IP110H.

This new model works with IP100H handhelds and existing ICOM wifi networks. It is also adaptable to other types of communications (LTE, SAT, PMR,..) using the VE-PG4 gateway


New, more compact and ergonomic design

The IP110H is characterized by its small and compact size. It has a new design that includes the latest ICOM standards and innovations such as the antenna directly integrated into the case. This revisited aestheticism allows the Wi-Fi handheld to be discreet and perfectly appreciable for the teams in contact with customers.  Finally, this equipment is charged by a USB-C plug.


Confidentiality and security guaranteed

ICOM's Wi-Fi handsets work with enterprise Wi-Fi to reinforce the confidentiality of your communications. In addition, the ICOM IP110H handhelds are equipped with all the necessary features to ensure the security of your teams: PTI function, manual alarm, Lone worker (the teammate must signal his presence at regular intervals, otherwise the radio will send an emergency message to the selected person).

Do you want to communicate discreetly? The IP110H with the optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset. This accessory is equipped with a PTT button.


Manage your fleet easily from a distance (optional)

ICOM has developed a supervision software dedicated to Wi-Fi radios: the IP100FS. It is an application for Windows PC that allows you to centrally manage your fleet: Programming, disabling, etc. all remotely. The IP100FS software also allows you to know in real time the location of your radios thanks to the access point. This software is delivered with a USB key. 



Other features of the ICOM IP110H Wi-Fi handheld :


- Full duplex: Allows you to talk and receive simultaneously to transmit urgent information very quickly

- Adaptable to other types of communications (bridge) LTE, SAT, PMR......

- Autonomy of 20H

- Audio recorder

- Vibration mode

- Waterproof to IP67 (water and dust)

- Meets MIL-STD-810 standards

- Audio power: 1000 mW

- OTAP function (programming and updating possible at a distance)

- Weight: 146g

- Dimension : 57 x 96.9 x 25.1 mm ( l x h x d )

- Wi-Fi band 2,4 and 5 GHz

Les avantages du Wi-Fi handheld - ICOM

  • Free communications
  • No infrastructure required
  • Interconnectable system in the world
  • 20H autonomy
  • PTI function 
  • Antenna integrated in the box
  • Light and compact

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