ATEX digital two-way radio series IC-F3202DEX SERIE ICOM ATEX
ATEX digital two-way radio series IC-F3202DEX SERIE ICOM ATEX

ATEX digital two-way radio series IC-F3202DEX SERIE ICOM


The IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX digital transceivers meet IEC Ex/ATEX based I/S specifications

They are specifically designed for the oil, mining and chemical industries.

In dPMR digital format the IC-F3202DEX/F4202DEX ATEX digital series provides basic conventional operation as well as a dPMR Mode 2 multi-site radio system.

The radio also features lone worker and man down functions which automatically send an emergency signal should a worker be in trouble, an extra consideration for those looking for a complete ATEX health and safety solution.

Other features: IP67 dust-tight and waterproof protection (1m depth of water for 30 minutes) and rugged protection, dPMR Mode 1 and compatible with Mode 2 multi-site system features, individual/group call, power ON/OFF status call (TX), stun/kill/revive (RX), ambience listening (RX), emergency (TX), digital voice scrambler, voting scan for Mode 2 multi-site system...

The IC-F3202DEX/F3203DEX series has built-in 5-Tone, 2-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS signaling capability for analogue mode group communication and selective calling. The radio is perfect for use as an analogue transceiver ready for future digital migration.

Other features: 16 memory channels with channel announcement function, BIIS 1200 PTT ID transmission, DTMF autodial, 3 programmable buttons (including emergency red button), low electrical resistivity body (carrying case is not required), 19.5–21 hours* operating time with BP-277EX (* 5: 5: 90 duty cycle with power save), optional waterproof speaker-microphone, HM-203EX.

Delivered with fast charger and high-capacity Li-Ion battery.

Les avantages du ATEX digital two-way radio series - ICOM

ATEX IICT4 norm (without cover)

Built-in Lone worker protection

Manual alarm

Water protection IP67

Mixed mode Analogue and Digital (dPMR) communications


Chargers and power supplies
Belt clip


image atex digital two-way radio series-icom
Chargers and power supplies
image atex digital two-way radio series-icom

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