Aviation mobile radio IC-A120E ICOM Mobiles
Aviation mobile radio IC-A120E ICOM Mobiles

Aviation mobile radio IC-A120E ICOM


The IC-A120E is a top performance mobile airband radio with active noise cancelling and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for airport services and ground crew communications!

The IC-A120E provides high visibility, simple operation and many features: optional Bluetooth headset connectivity, active noise cancelling (ANC), IP54 dust-protection and water resistance, dualwatch and ON-Hook scan functions, side tone function, optional speaker-microphone, HM-217...

200 memory channels, both 12 and 24 volt systems compatible, 8.33 kHz* and 25 kHz channel spacing for EUR version, 36W (P.E.P) RF output power, dualwatch and priority scan functions, power on password protection, PC programming capability, CI-V Commands for external control, VE-PG3 RoIP gateway for interconnect with other radio devices.

Compliant with European E-marking for installation in vehicles.

Supplied whith hand microphone HM-216, DC power cable, mounting bracket kit, microphone hanger kit and fuses.

Les avantages du Aviation mobile radio - ICOM

Channel spacing 8,33/25 KHz

Active dot matrix LCD screen

New ANC and ANL (active noise reduction) allows a better reception

Optional Bluetooth module for Bluetooth accessories

Front panel with Speaker for a better audio

200 memory channels available and customizable (written in the EEPROM to avoid any risk of loss)

Side tone feature (with IPC-871A)

Smart channel scan (On-Hook) and advanced (VFO or priority)

HM-217 (optional) with up/down keys,

Compatible with CI-V protocol for external control

Compatible with VE-PG4 ROIP gateway

Usable even in hard condition (MIL-STD810 certified and IP54)

Compact sized

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Manuals and handbooks

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