DP1400: the smart handheld!

Discover the Motortbo range of digital radios from the industry leader : MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS! This range is distinguished by very thin curves and a resistance to any test for optimized performance and productivity. In addition, with a strong investment in research and development that characterises the brand, Motorola offers you the latest apps to boost your productivity and decision making.

The DP1400 series offers you a reliable and cost-effective solution! Keep your team connected and safe in all circumstances with this series of equipment.





Features of the Motorola DP1400 handheld



Get the best of Motorola at the best price


The DP1400 series is part of Motorola's entry-level equipment. However, it benefits from the high-end features that go with the MOTORTBO range of handsets:


- Good audio quality (500 mW)

- Automatic gain control: This feature allows your radio to adjust the volume of your voice according to what is happening around you and your movements (when you turn your head, move the microphone away or speak more softly or loudly).

- Exceptional coverage

- Impressive battery life (up to 25 hours digital with a 2900 mAh LI-ION battery)

- Lone Worker Protection" function: You can program your radio to emit a sound signal (or vibration) that will ask your teammate to interact with his or her radio to "signal" that all is well at regular intervals. In case of non-action, an alarm is sent to a supervisor so that you can act quickly. This feature is very useful for teams operating in dangerous missions or for your teammates operating alone.




Easily target your communications with the Motorola DP1400


With 32 channels, you can easily select the different people you want to interact with. You also have the "interrupt transmission" feature, which gives you the ability to interrupt communications to get a message out first if necessary.



Ergonomics designed for intuitive use


Motorola's DP1400 handhelds have been designed to allow you to easily access all functions, even if you're wearing gloves.

They also have two programmable buttons so you can switch to your favourite features with one push.

In addition, the DP1400s work with both digital and analogue handsets. This allows you to gradually migrate your fleets to digital and still use your analogue radios until you decide to change them.

Finally, Motorola's DP1400 handhelds are light and compact. With a 2900 mAh LI-ION battery, for example, a DP1400 radio weighs 348 grams and measures 128 x 62 x 44 mm.



Handhelds that stand up to time!


Motorola makes a point of testing each of these devices before offering them to you. The DP1400s have passed their ageing tests to ensure the longevity of their products.



Other features of the Motorola DP1400 :


- Meets MIL-STD-810 standard which certifies their robustness in extreme situations

- IP54 dust and water resistance test result

- This range of handsets is compatible with Motorola Solutions' Radio Management Suite

- Selective Calling Functionality

- Equipped with dual capacity direct mode: Offers you the ability to increase your calling capacity and limit your licensing costs by leveraging the power of the DMR

- Wide choice of compatible accessories

- 2 year warranty


Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

This is MOTOROLA's entry-level DMR handheld, suitable for users who don't need a lot of functionality. Its strengths are its simplicity, its autonomy and its resistance to harsh conditions. 

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du handheld Motorola - Motorola

  • Automatic gain control function
  • Outstanding battery life 
  • PTI function
  • Works with both analogue and digital handsets
  • Lightweight and compact

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