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MOTOROLA handheld DP2000e SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF
MOTOROLA handheld DP2000e SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF
MOTOROLA handheld DP2000e SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF
MOTOROLA handheld DP2000e SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF

MOTOROLA handheld DP2000e SERIE Motorola


Motorola DP2000e Series, enjoy the power of digital!

Discover the Motortbo range of digital radios from industry leader Motorola solutions! The Motortbo range is distinguished by its slim design and high resistance for optimised performance and productivity. In addition, with a strong investment in research and development that characterises the brand, Motorola offers you the latest applications to boost your productivity and decision making.

The DP2000 series gives you incredible autonomy and flexibility! Keep your team connected and safe in all circumstances with this series of equipment.

This series offers 2 models: The DP2400 (without keyboard) and the DP2600 (with keyboard)


Features of the Motorola DP2000e Handheld


Spectacular audio comfort so you can focus on what's important.


Motorola DP2000e handheld radios are equipped with intelligent audio capabilities to keep you and your team focused on your missions. They'll help you communicate in challenging environments by adapting to what's going on around you. If you're in a noisy environment, the DP2000e Series will automatically turn up the sound so you can hear communications and not miss any information. Also, if you arrive in a quieter area, it will automatically adjust its volume so as not to disturb your colleagues.

In addition, to ensure that you receive important information, the DP2400 and DP2600 handheld radios have a "background noise suppression" feature.

Finally, with its customisable voice announcement, you can also receive audible confirmation when you change channel and/or zone.

No need to look at your radio anymore, everything is designed to allow you to optimise your time and work to focus on what is important.  


A portable that adapts to you and your needs


Is your radio fleet mainly composed of analogue radios? Stay in control of your budget! Motorola's DP2000e series has a dynamic mixed mode that automatically switches between analogue and digital calls. The DP2000e series from Motorola has a dynamic mixed mode that automatically switches between analogue and digital calls, enhancing your current equipment and allowing you to upgrade to digital handsets at your own pace.

The Motorola DP2000e series is renowned for its flexibility. In fact, to take advantage of new features/options that may appear or that you may wish to add later, a simple upgrade is all that is required. In addition, whether you want to expand your coverage or capacity, upgrading radios allows you to benefit from the IP Site solution. Capacity plus provides a solution for large, dispersed teams that require critical functionality without manual intervention (capacity expansion to 1000 users!)

Finally, thanks to its 3 programmable buttons, you can easily find the channels or functions you use the most. This makes the DP2000 very intuitive and easy to use.

DP2000e : Ergonomic, Reliable and Innovative


With an autonomy of 11.5 hours in digital and 8 hours in analogue with its standard battery alone, the Motorola DP2000e radios will accompany you throughout your mission. In addition, its ergonomic format and its very light weight (265 G with standard battery) allow it to accompany you everywhere easily and without constraint.

In addition, Motorola has equipped the entire DP2000 series with the Lone Worker, continuous monitoring and missed call notification functions. More than just a radio, they are a true guardian angel, essential for keeping your team safe. Finally, the DP2000e uses TDMA technology, which gives them twice the call capacity of analogue radios.



Other features of the MOTOROLA DP2000e handheld radios


  • 16 channels (DP2400) / 128 channels (DP2600)
  • IP55 RATED
  • 2 year warranty / 1 year warranty on accessories.
  • Military standard 810 C, D, E, F and G
  • Service from the start: quick response, technical support by phone and access to the latest software versions.
  • Size (HxWxD): 122 x 56 x 36.4 mm
  • Wide range of accessories to customise your handheld to your needs/desires
  • Temperature resistant from -30°C to +60°C
  • Power supply: 7.5 (nominal)





Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

This handheld is available in two versions: with or without keypad. The latter is more advanced and offers additional functionalities, particularly in terms of security, such as enhanced confidentiality, remote radio activation or transmission interruption.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du MOTOROLA handheld - Motorola

  • Intelligent audio 
  • Dynamic mixed mode (automatic switching from analogue to digital)
  • Very good battery life (up to 11.5 hours)
  • Ergonomic and lightweight 
  • Lone worker function 

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