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PMR handheld two-way radio IC-F3400D/DP serie ICOM VHF/UHF
PMR handheld two-way radio IC-F3400D/DP serie ICOM VHF/UHF

785,40 € HT PMR handheld two-way radio IC-F3400D/DP serie ICOM


Choose your future, choose the F3400D / DP series from ICOM.

 Icom, a leader in radio communications for over 40 years, never stops reinventing itself to offer innovative and robust products. Aware of the professional challenges that never cease to evolve in a changing world, the company takes to heart to offer resistant products on which professionals can rely to keep the link with their teams and never find themselves isolated.
Equipped with the latest innovations in terms of security such as the PTI function, Icom wants their customers to be able to rely on their equipment to take away a source of stress. The F3400D/ DP series of PMR digital handhelds benefits from the latest technological advances and ICOM's know-how. Very compact, thin and light, the F3400D / DP radios will seduce you with their avant-garde design and remarkable performance.  

Specifications of the F3400D / DP series PMR digital handheld radio 

Your safety and the safety of your team comes first 

The PMR F3400D/ DP series has all the latest features for Lone Worker Protection (LWP). You can manually trigger an alert with the red button on top of the equipment but it is also programmed to automatically trigger the alert when it senses a loss of verticality. This feature works thanks to a motion sensor with a very sensitive accelerometer. 
In addition, you can also activate the "Lone worker" function that allows you to secure the vigilance of your teammates. Indeed, you can program a signal that will ask the user to report that he is doing well regularly, otherwise, the portable sends an alert.  


Maximized communications with advanced audio

To offer you the best possible quality of communication, ICOM's F3400D / DP series PMR handheld radios are equipped with an active noise reduction function. It allows you to effectively attenuate external sounds by filtering the frequencies of your voice even in the noisiest environments (engines, construction equipment, etc.). Thus, improving the understanding of communications. 
In addition, the F3400D/DP digital portable radios are equipped with an audio equalizer that allows you to adapt the audio to take into account the tone of voice of your correspondent (5 presets are available). 
Finally, the "automatic gain control" feature allows you to maintain clear communication even when the user is talking away from the microphone. 


A concentrate of innovation to save time and performance 

Do you have a large fleet of radios that require regular updates?
 The F5400D/ DP mobile radio has the possibility to automatically update the user directory of each remote station thanks to the " Over-the-Air-Alais " (OAA) function. Also, the "over the air" function allows you to modify the terminal's data such as its time delay or add a frequency, all remotely! 
Finally, the USB connection of the F5400D mobile radio allows several uses. You can connect it to a PC to store your data on the SD card without removing it, but also update the firmware, program and access the PC command V2 protocol.  


Listen to your conversations whenever you want 

The F5400D/DP series digital PMR radios have an SD card reader that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls using the built-in call recorder in each F5400D/DP. 
For example, a 32GB SD card allows you to archive up to 500 hours of communications in wave format. This format allows perfect exploitation on a PC. The SD card support also allows you to program the station. 


A GPS sensor that offers many features 

Equipped with an SMA connector, it is possible to connect a GPS antenna to benefit from various applications: 
o Sending the geographical position at the time of a radio call. This data can be used by a management software with cartography for a real time display. 
o Recording of geographical positions at regular intervals on the micro SD card for later use (data logger)
o Indication on the radio screen of the direction and distance to another radio or specific point (indication by a beep of the proximity of the target)


The F3400D/DP series handhelds follow you everywhere even in the most extreme environments


IP68 rated, the F3400D and DP digital handhelds guarantee optimal use in all weather conditions. Moreover, the AquaQuake function integrated in the PMR radio allows it to evacuate stagnant water automatically thanks to a vibration system. 
The vibrator also allows you to put the F3400D/DP series on "silent" for discreet use or to warn you of a call in noisy environments. 


Other features of the PMR F3400D/DP Series : 

- Compact, slim and lightweight handheld 
- High resolution color display 
- Extended frequency coverage 136-174 MHz, 380-470 MHz
- 1024 memory channels and 128 directories (banks)
- VOX functions (automatic voice activation)
- Channel announcement by voice synthesis (multilingual and customizable)
- Multi-signalization: RAN, 5 tones, CTCSS, DTMF
- Radio check, Stun/Revive, Kill, etc. functions
- Many options available by activation of a license key
- 14 point side accessory socket
- Customization of the display and logo at startup
- Conventional PMR and digital trunk version dPMR and NXDN
- Bluetooth 
- Trunk mode 3
- Multi-protocol (dPMR for DP version or NXDN for D version)


Advice from the expert

Olivier Guillaume,

The F3400D series is the top of the line of handhelds. They ticks all the boxes: color display, SD card reader, Bluetooth, powerful audio, integrated GPS, additional maps for system applications. A real concentrate of innovation to meet the highest demands.

expert olivier sorrac-icom

Les avantages du PMR handheld two-way radio - ICOM

- Clear and confidential communications 

- PTI and Lone Worker features

- Active noise reduction function

- Waterproof and dustproof (IP68 and AquaQuake feature)

- Built-in vibrator

-Integrated GPS receiver 
- Remote station update 

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