Satellite Terminal BGAN 710 Inmarsat Inmarsat

Satellite Terminal BGAN 710 Inmarsat


The most powerful INMARSAT terminal!

In partnership with COBHAM, Inmarsat has developed a range of products offering IP and voice services delivered over the INMARSAT network. In line with its ambitions, the BGAN product range enables professionals to stay connected in difficult and/or precarious environments.  Benefiting from Inmarsat's worldwide coverage, the brand's various BGAN terminals are an indispensable ally wherever you go.

The BGAN 710 stands out for its concentrated innovation that will meet the most demanding requirements in terms of satellite networks.

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Features of the Inmarsat BGAN 710


Enjoy the best throughput on the market

The INMARSAT BGAN 710 is the fastest of all BGAN terminals. It is also the first to take advantage of Inmarsat's new high data rate streaming service, enabling it to provide a streaming rate of 650 Kbps (on demand). The live streaming offered by the Inmarsat equipment provides high throughput for broadcasting or other IP-based industrial applications.

Equipped with new advanced features, using the plug & play functionality you can connect two Inmarsat BGAN 710s together and double your data stream.


Stay connected with the BGAN 710

Inmarsat is constantly innovating to bring new features to its users. The BGAN Explorer 710 can be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing users to connect with their own devices for services such as voice calls and connectivity.



Designed for your convenience

The BGAN has features and form factors to optimise its use and transport. Its compact size (33.2 x 27.9 x 5.4 cm) makes it easy to carry. In addition, it can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C and is IP52 water and dust resistant (the antenna is IP66 rated). The Inmarsat BGAN 710 can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The BGAN 710 also features intelligent power management (65W maximum). You can also replace the battery even when it is hot, which saves you a lot of time in the event of a battery problem.


Other features of the INMARSAT BGAN 710 include :

  • USB host interface
  • Easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces to use a wide range of applications.
  • User interface via the BGAN launchpad software that allows you to control the type of connection, perform updates and view the device's operation.
  • Remote activation
  • Embedded web server
  • Wireless access point
  • Solar panel power supply possible (optional)
  • Integrated SIP server
  • Advanced router with administration control
  • Standby time: 36H (25°C)
  • Power supply voltage: 10-32 VDC

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Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

For a quick infrastructure installation of the BGAN explorer 710, you can use optional RF cables that allow you to move the antenna to the roof. This allows you to have the base station inside the building.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Satellite Terminal - Inmarsat

- High speed  
- Plug & play function
- Smart power management
- Smartphone connection directly to it (no need for an app)

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