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Discover the Iridium extreme 9575 PTT, the first satellite and PTT phone on the market

Developed by the world leader in satellite communications, the Iridium extreme 9575 PTT satellite phone combines the capabilities of a satellite phone with the practicality of a PTT (Push To Talk) terminal. Enjoy the best of both technologies, all in one portable package! 
Its ideal dimensions make the IRIDIUM Extreme 9575 PTT an indispensable ally for keeping in touch in areas cut off from terrestrial networks.
This IRIDIUM solution is perfect for professionals who may have to work in dangerous or difficult environments. It responds effectively to the need for rapid coordination with "PTT" type calls, i.e. one-to-all, a more advanced feature than a traditional telephone. 



IRIDIUM 9575 PTT satellite phone features 


A satellite phone... designed for PTT 

To facilitate your team communications, iridium has created a rugged handheld to withstand use in all weathers (IP65) and environments (MIL-STD-810F). Its loudspeaker has been enlarged, the PTT button reinforced and its autonomy extended (up to 16H30). 


A global, worldwide solution 

The iridium extreme 9575 PTT is a scalable solution, enabling you to use it on the move, in a vehicle or in a building (as a base station). We offer a wide range of accessories so you can use the 9575 PTT the way you want. 
What's more, IRIDIUM is the only satellite network to offer worldwide connectivity, including the pole. This connectivity means you're always protected, wherever you are on the globe. The SOS button on the PTT satellite phone can be linked to a global rescue system available 24/7 (the GEOS center). The integrated GPS receiver means that, with a simple press of the SOS button, your precise coordinates are sent to the rescue center, so that it can send you the fastest and most appropriate help possible. 
So you can leave reassured that your safety is assured. 


Combination and simplified fleet management

The 9575 extreme PTT solution has been designed to integrate perfectly with your existing fleet. It can also be controlled from the IRIDIUM Command Center, making it easy to integrate and manage your existing iridium fleet (e.g. IC-SAT100). 

The PTT satellite phone is also interoperable with other PTT equipment, or with the PMR network using IC-SAT100 gateways. So you can easily add it to your existing fleet without incurring additional costs.


Other features of the IRIDIUM 9575 PTT satellite phone 

- Dimensions: 140mm x 60mm x 32mm
- Weight: 268 g
- Anti-glare, daylight-readable display
- Battery life in PTT mode up to 16H30
- Battery life in phone mode: up to 54 hours
- Bluetooth 
- Mini-USB data port
- Jack port
- Automatic recording 
- Real-time conversation group programming
- PTT service status
- Dynamic talkgroup selection and monitoring
- Transmitter ID 
- Transmitter distance and heading.
- Scanning of talk groups.


Delivered with : 

- High-capacity battery 
- Travel charger with international adapters
- Car charger
- Leather case 
- USB data cable 
- User manual 
- 2 accessory adapters 
- Magnetic car antenna with 1.5 m cable 
- Hands-free headset with microphone

Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

With the Iridium constellation covering the entire planet, this device is ideal if you need a phone that works anywhere on the globe.
The tracking function is also useful for personal security.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Handheld IRIDIUM - IRIDIUM

  • Worldwide coverage 
  • scalable and interoperable 
  • IP65 and MIL-STD810F
  • Automatic recording 
  • Bluetooth 
  • Scanning function 

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