Front Connect Logiciel de suivi de flotte SORRAC Tracking Software

Front Connect Logiciel de suivi de flotte SORRAC

Tracking Software

Discover FRONT CONNECT, the essential fleet tracking software with extensive functionality.

A centralized view of all your equipment

Are you using professional terrestrial (PMR), LTE or GPS-equipped satellite radio equipment?

With Front Connect you can view all your equipment, regardless of the network or technology used.

It's easy to do:

ICOM LTE radios are connected directly to the FRONT CONNECT application and do not require any additional installation.
PMR and satellite radios can be integrated via an IP2AIR interface, giving you an overview of your radio fleet.
Thanks to the extensive functionalities of Front connect, you can now manage your entire fleet remotely with ease and ensure the safety of your team in record time.


Take action in record time!

Front connect has been designed to enable you to ensure the safety of your teams in an efficient manner by allowing you to optimise your intervention thanks to real-time localisation. You can see at a glance the position of each member of your team to quickly send the necessary help on site.

The tracking mode offered by the fleet tracking software allows you to focus on the person(s) who is/are in intervention or in distress in order to be able to follow their route. This function is very useful during delicate missions or situations that prevent the user from staying in one place.

Front connect also offers you the possibility to replay the route taken and the position to analyse a situation after the fact. This allows you to learn and anticipate for the next stage of your missions.



Alert faster!

Front Connect's advanced tracking features allow you to alert the necessary help faster. For example, you can see which of your teammates is closest to come and join a colleague in need.

Alerts can be sent by SMS, e-mail, on radios or directly on the Front Connect application to make sure you don't miss anything and can react as efficiently as possible. Alerts can be personalised by choosing the recipients.

Front connect also allows you to define strategic zones thanks to its Geofencing functionality. You can automatically trigger an alert when entering or leaving these zones.



Simplify your management

The software is a SaaS application that can be used anywhere on a phone, tablet or PC. All you need is an internet connection!


At a glance you can see:

  • The identity and location of the user
  • Your user groups: gather your users in specific groups to have a better visibility (visual map with group)
  • The status of your team members using the ICOM LTE range (available, busy, on break, etc.)
  • Speed and direction of travel
  • The type of vehicle (in the case of the IP501M mobile)
  • The time of immobilisation


Les avantages du Front Connect - SORRAC

  • Compatible with LTE, PMR and Satellite equipment 
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Centralized view of all your equipment 
  • Complete management of alerts 
  • Automatic emailing
  • Configuration and features specific to each type of administrator. 

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