SDR receiver, high performance
from 1 kHz to 190 MHz.

The WiNRADiO WR-G65DDC Excalibur SIGMA is a
top performance, direct-sampling, software-defined
wideband, two in one HF/VHF receiver with two
frequency ranges from 1 kHz to 88 MHz and from
118 MHz to 190 MHz. The receiver has two independent
and mutually exclusive inputs, one for each range.

Les avantages du Winradio - Winradio

  • 1 kHz to 88 MHz and 118 MHz to 190 MHz frequency range
  •  Direct sampling with digital down-conversion
  • 16-bit 210 MSPS A/D converter
  • 88/72 MHz-wide, real-time spectrum analyzer
  • 64 MHz recording and processing bandwidth
  • Ready for phase-coherent applications
  • Continuously adjustable filter bandwidth down to 1 Hz
  • Waterfall display functions and audio spectrum analyzer
  • Audio and IF recording and playback
  • Very high IP3 (+40 dBm typ.)
  • Excellent sensitivity (Noise figure 6 dB)
  • Excellent dynamic range (111 dB)
  • Excellent frequency stability (0.1 ppm)
  • Selectable low-noise preamplifier
  • Self-diagnostics with BIT and thermal management
  • USB 3.0 and 1Gb Ethernet (with PoE) data interfaces

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