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Handheld VHF marine IC-M25EURO série ICOM VHF
Handheld VHF marine IC-M25EURO série ICOM VHF
Handheld VHF marine IC-M25EURO série ICOM VHF

187,50 € HT Handheld VHF marine IC-M25EURO série ICOM


Your ideal companion for your sea trips !

ICOM is an internationally renowned manufacturer of radio communication systems. Its products are characterised by strong values: reliability, safety, robustness and innovation.

Offering a complete line of products adapted to the maritime sector, ICOM is considered as a specialist in transmissions. Its know-how and experience enable it to meet the various specific expectations of its customers and have opened the doors to many sectors: shipyards, rescue services, federations, nautical races, etc...  

True to its reputation for excellence, the latest generation of ICOM products for the maritime sector, such as the IC-M25EURO portable marine VHF, is enriched with many new features combining performance and innovation.

The IC-M25EURO marine handheld radio is available in 3 colours: Blue, grey and white.


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Features of the ICOM IC-M25EURO marine handheld


Don't lose your equipment!

Designed to meet the challenges of the marine sector, the IC-M25EURO is equipped with the "FLOAT'N FLASH" feature which allows it to float and trigger a flashing light on contact with water. This works even if your marine handheld is switched off! 



Waterproof reliability

Rated to IPx7, the IC-M25EURO marine handheld easily withstands immersion to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without affecting its capabilities.

In addition, to ensure quality communications over time, the IC-M25EURO is equipped with the AQUAQUAKE function, which automatically ejects water from the microphone and speaker of the equipment via infrasound. 



Get straight to the point and get faster

The IC-M25EURO handheld marine VHF is equipped with large, easily identifiable buttons that allow you to access important features immediately. For example, you can access channel 16 (distress channel) with one touch.

Its backlit display also allows you to see at a glance which channel you are on, the battery level, the volume, etc.



Lightweight and ergonomic

Its compact size (56.6 x 134.2 x 30.5) and light weight (220g) make the IC-M25EURO marine handheld the ideal companion for your sea trips.



Recharge it whenever you want, wherever you want

With a long battery life (approx. 11 hours*) thanks to a built-in 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery, the IC-M25EURO marine handheld VHF can be charged via a micro-B USB plug. You can therefore easily charge it with your phone charger or via a cigarette lighter.

Standard use with TX(HI) / RX / Standby ratio = 5/5/90



Other features of IC-M25EURO:

-Volume Loud: allows you to temporarily turn the volume up to full in case of ambient noise

- Volume Mute: temporarily turns the volume down to minimum

- 500 mW audio power

- Automatic scanning

- Selective scanning and channel preference

- 5W and 1W power

- ATIS river function



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Les avantages du Handheld VHF marine - ICOM

  • Floating with flashing lights
  • AquaQuake function
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • One-touch access to channel 16

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