Handheld VHF marine IC-M37E ICOM VHF
Handheld VHF marine IC-M37E ICOM VHF

201,30 € HT Handheld VHF marine IC-M37E ICOM


the IC-M37E, the portable marine VHF of all challenges

ICOM is an internationally renowned manufacturer of radio communication systems. Its products are characterised by strong values: reliability, safety, robustness and innovation.

Offering a complete line of products adapted to the maritime sector, ICOM is considered as a specialist in transmissions. Its know-how and experience enable it to meet the various specific expectations of its customers and have opened the doors to many sectors: shipyards, rescue services, federations, nautical races, etc...  

True to its reputation for excellence, the latest generation of ICOM products for the maritime sector, such as the IC-M37E portable marine VHF, is enriched with many new features combining performance and innovation. 



Features of the IC-M37E Portable Marine VHF



Find your equipment at a glance! 

The IC-M37E marine handheld has a "FLOAT'N FLASH" feature that allows it to float and activate a light (flashing light) when it comes into contact with water. This function is automatically activated even if your marine VHF is switched off! 



Uncompromising reliability 

Rated to IP57, the IC-M37E marine handheld easily withstands immersion to a depth of 1 metre for 30 minutes without affecting its capabilities
In addition, to guarantee quality communications over time, the IC-M25EURO is equipped with the AQUAQUAKE function, which automatically ejects the water present in the microphone and speaker of the equipment via infrasound.  



In case of a fall, call for help without handling your radio 

When the IC-M37E handheld marine VHF detects a fall into the water, it automatically activates the "AUTO SP" function, which turns the speaker into an omnidirectional microphone. 
This increases the sensitivity of the IC-M37E professional radio, making it easier to transmit requests for assistance in the most difficult situations.



Audio features that adapt to your environment

With 700 mW of audio power, the IC-M37E handheld marine VHF allows you to mute the speaker (MUTE) or maximum volume (LOUD) at the touch of a button.




Other features of the IC-M37E portable marine VHF :

- Optimal coverage: 6W RF power 
- 12-hour battery life: 2350 mAh BP-296 lithium-IO battery included. 
- Quick recall: stores the last 5 channels used
- ATIS fluvial function (by programming)
- Dual and triple standby function 
- Indication of the state of charge 
- Ruggedness standard: MIL-810G
- Auto-scan function: Scanning of channels
- IP57 waterproof microphone: HM-213 (optional) 
- Weighs only 293g 
- Accessory sockets
- 3 year warranty 


Les avantages du Handheld VHF marine - ICOM

  • 6W transmit power
  • 700 mW audio power
  • Direct access to channel 16
  • Quick call thanks to the memory of the last 5 channels used
  • AQUAQUAKE function
  • Unique "AUTO SP" function
  • 12 hours autonomy
Chargers and power supplies
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Chargers and power supplies

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