The IC-78 is a high performance transceiver that provides reliable straight forward HF communications!

The IC-78 has innovative features such as 99 memory channels, high C/N ratio, direct channel entering, data com-munication capabilities and more, offer easy operation for anyone.

All these features come in a compact, rugged package that can be conveniently used in a base station or in a vehicle.

Other features: simple operation with keypad, general coverage: 0.03-29.999999MHz in SSB, CW, RTTY and AM modes, front mounted loud speaker, 101 memory channels, VOX (Voice Operated Transmission), digital S/RF meter, band stacking register, IF shift interference rejection, squelch/RF gain control, optional automatic antenna tuner, AT-140 available.

Supplied with hand microphone and manual.

Les avantages du IC-78 - ICOM

Transceiver BLU PMR HF 0.5-30MHz

Compact and rugged construction

Powerful 100W output power

Intuitive interface

99 channels mémoires (8 digit channel name capibility)

Superior basic perfoamnce: 4-element system for the 1st receive mixer, double conversion system and new PLL circuit

Front mounted loud speaker

High frequency stability

Flexible filter selection

5 passband widths selectable in SSB, CW or RTTY modes

VFO mode operation

image ic-78-icom
image ic-78-icom
Manuals and handbooks

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