Motorola mobile radio DM4400 SERIE Motorola

Improve efficiency and power with the DM4400 series mobile range

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Mobile digital radio LMR IC-F5122D ICOM

The perfect digital mobile radio for your everyday needs!

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LTE mobile IP501M ICOM

The IP501M, the mobile with the widest network coverage!

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IC-78 IC-78 ICOM

The IC-78 is a high performance transceiver that provides reliable straight forward HF communications!

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HF transceiver IC-F8101 ICOM

Your professional HF needs catered to in one complete package for remote or isolated area! The ICOM F8101 HF mobile transceiver is designed specifically for long distance radio communications!

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Analog mobile two-way radio IC-F5023H serie ICOM

Features, performance and value for the everyday LMR user! The IC-F5023H series is ideal for small-to-mid sized systems for public safety, large industry to light commercial users.

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PMR mobile two-way radio IC-F5022 SERIE ICOM

Features, performance and value for the everyday PMR user!

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PMR mobile two-way radio IC-F5012 SERIE ICOM

Simple operation, versatile functions & rugged construction for your day-to-day communication needs!

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LMR mobile two-way radio IC-F5400D/ DP SERIE ICOM

Discover the most advanced LMR digital radio mobiles from ICOM: The 5400D / DP series.

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PMR mobile two-way radio IC-F5062D SERIE ICOM

The IC-F5062D serie is a multi-mode and multi-featured professional mobile.

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