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digital mobile radio ic-f5122d-icom
Mobile digital radio LMR IC-F5122D ICOM VHF/UHF
Mobile digital radio LMR IC-F5122D ICOM VHF/UHF

536,80 € HT Mobile digital radio LMR IC-F5122D ICOM


The perfect digital mobile radio for your everyday needs!

Developed by ICOM, the IC-F5122D digital mobile radios will appeal to customers who are looking for an intuitive and robust communication tool they can rely on at all times.  

Its compact and functional format makes the IC-F5122D the indispensable ally of professionals in their daily missions.  

Features of the ICOM IC-F5122D digital mobile radio 


Clear, high quality audio even in noisy environments 

The IC-F5122D has a 4 W speaker on the front panel which gives it a nice audible power. In addition, the ICOM F5122D mobile radios feature digital modulation to significantly improve sound in noisy environments.

Seamless operation even in the most precarious environments

The IC-F5122D's rugged construction meets MIL-STD810 military standards, making it compliant with international requirements. Its reinforced resistance guarantees a long-lasting performance and reliability wherever you take it. 

Ensure the safety of your teams 

ICOM's IC-F5122D mobile radios are equipped with the Lone Worker Protection (LWP) function. You can pre-program this feature so that when the equipment is not used for the selected period of time, it emits an audible signal inviting the user to signal his presence. Otherwise, the IC-F5122D automatically sends a distress call to other stations. 

 Customizable to take advantage of an equipment that perfectly meets your needs

You have the possibility to add several optional features to get only what you need. For example, you can program the IC-F5122D to control the channel of your choice through an external device. 
Do you need an external PTT command, an ignition detection, a PC command or a horn? Depending on the programming you want you can activate several functions via the power connector. 
You can also add an external GPS receiver or add other accessories with the optional OPC-1939 or OPC-2078 cable. 

Easy and intuitive to use 

Thanks to its 4 programmable keys to select in 1 click the essential of your needs, the IC-F5122D allows you to get started immediately without difficulty. Its keys and its 8-character screen are backlit for perfect visibility even at night. 


Other features of the IC-F5122D mobile radios

- An 8-character LCD screen with icons that displays the main information of your exchanges and interlocutors such as name, status or messages. 
- Waterproof and dustproof level: IP54
- Compact size to fit easily on desks or in any dashboard/vehicle.
- Multi-signaling : 
o In analog mode: 2-tone, 5-tone signaling
o In digital mode: RAN (digital color code decoding). The 5122D mobile radio system can decode up to 10 2-tone and 8 5-tone signals on one channel. 

The following parameters can be associated with each reception of a programmed tone: 
- Beep
- Response 
- Scanning
- Bell icon
- STUN/ KILL/ REVIVE function

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Les avantages du Mobile digital radio LMR - ICOM

  •  Compact size
  •  Rugged: MIL-STD810 military standard
  •  Quick and easy to use 
  •  PTI function
  •  Clear audio even in noisy environments
  •  LCD display
  •  Highly customizable equipment and buttons 

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