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Motorola mobile radio DM4400 SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF
Motorola mobile radio DM4400 SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF
Motorola mobile radio DM4400 SERIE Motorola VHF/UHF

Motorola mobile radio DM4400 SERIE Motorola


Improve efficiency and power with the DM4400 series mobile range

Discover the Motortbo range of digital radios from industry leader Motorola solutions! This range stands out for its resistance and power for optimised performance and productivity. In addition, with a strong investment in research and development that characterises the brand, Motorola offers you the latest applications to gain in efficiency and facilitate decision-making.


The DM4400 series offers you incredible autonomy and flexibility! Keep your team connected and safe in all circumstances with this series of equipment.




Features of the Motorola DM4400 Mobile Series:


Unbeatable communication and data capabilities so you can focus on what's really important.

The Motorola DM4400 mobile radios have the highest audio capabilities in the Motorola range (up to 13W!) and are equipped with innovative features such as intelligent audio. This allows the radio to adjust the volume of transmissions automatically according to the environment for your comfort and those around you. In addition, you can customise the voice announcement of the radios to provide optimum user comfort. Finally, these radios also enable you to exchange text messages. This gives you the opportunity to send updated messages via radio communication to your team members without interrupting them in their work or when they are with customers for example.

The DM4401 (only) has Bluetooth and a GPS receiver integrated directly. So you can take advantage of Motorola's wireless accessories for greater freedom in critical operations.



Enjoy flexible configuration and ease of use with you in mind

Because they were designed to support you, Motorola DM4400 mobile radios feature a large, easy-to-reach volume control so you can find it without even looking at your radio. In addition, they have 4 buttons that can be programmed to your preference (one of which can be dedicated to an emergency button, for example).

In addition, the DM4400 and DM4401 offer the ability for a user to interrupt another radio conversation to deliver essential messages at the specific time they are needed.

Finally, the Motorola DM440 series of mobile radios are available in both UHF and VHF frequency bands and have a capacity of 99 channels.


Boost your productivity immediately with Motorola's computer applications

Motorola has the largest application developer program in the industry, allowing the brand to provide a wide range of tailored applications for  : location, worksheet management, Bluetooth data, messaging gateways and distress situations.

You can also customise your radios to suit your needs with :

- Capacity Plus: a digital trunked radio network at a single site to maximise the capacity of your MOTOTRBO radio system. This solution provides voice and data communications to more than a thousand users at a single site.

- IP Site Connect: This is a digital solution that uses the Internet to allow you to extend Motorola's MOTOTRBO voice and data capabilities. It gives you the ability to link up to 15 sites to ensure reliable communication between geographically separated sites or to establish broad coverage, or to enhance coverage from a single site that is obstructed by barriers.



Other features of the Motorola DM4400 Series :

  • Compact design that will fit easily into your vehicles or infrastructure: (Dimensions H x W x D: 53.3 x 175.3 X 205.7 mm)
  • Intuitive and easy to use thanks to a digital display and LED indicators
  • Increased safety for your teams thanks to the lone worker protection features (LWP function) they offer 
  • A wide range of connected accessories such as: desktop microphone, lapel microphone, external speaker, ...
  • Optimum resistance to dust and water (IP54 standard) 
  • Ruggedness Military standard 810 C, D, E, F and G
  • Resistant to temperatures ranging from -30° to +60
  • Weight: 1,8KG
  • 2 years warranty  


Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

I recommend the DM4401 version which integrates GPS and Bluetooth for professionals who wish to track the position of their vehicle or who use audio accessories such as hands-free kits, etc.

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Les avantages du Motorola mobile radio - Motorola

  • Exceptional audio 
  • Intelligent audio 
  • Lone Worker Protection (LWP) function
  • Text messaging 
  • Bluetooth and integrated GPS receiver (DM4401 only)
  • 4 programmable buttons 
  • IP54 RATED
  • Military standard

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