The IP503H, the handheld with the widest network coverage!

ICOM's Radio LTE offer provides you with the most powerful mobile networks of the largest operators in order to benefit from worldwide coverage and clear and instantaneous communications! Thanks to a multi-operator Sim card, your terminal adapts to the most suitable network according to your geographical area. No more need for infrastructure or waiting to get a radio frequency, LTE radios are immediately available.

The LTE Radio solution is suitable for all sectors of activity. It offers you more comfort and improved productivity. It is particularly suitable for sectors with a large number of terminals and/or users who are mobile or operate over large areas.

The calling capabilities and security features of the ICOM IP503H LTE handheld will make this equipment an indispensable part of your daily life and that of your teams. Its numerous functions, which combine the power of a PTT function (instant group calls) with that of a cellular network (worldwide coverage), make the IP503H the ideal communication tool.  

In addition, you will appreciate its ergonomic format and its neat design which will make it pleasant to use.


IP503H LTE Handheld Features

Communicate easily and instantly

Thanks to the different call options, you can target your communication needs to ensure the proper flow of information without overloading your team:

Group calls: Talk to several people at the same time (possibility to create different user groups)
General call: Make a general call to all your employees
Individual call: Talk with the person of your choice in a private and confidential way
Priority call with call interruption: Make a priority call and instantly cut off the current call.
A concentrate of evolution to offer an exceptional handling
The latest methods of integration and microprocessor miniaturisation have enabled ICOM to design a radio with an ideal and compact shape for a pleasant handling and use with a minimum of space.


The ideal equipment for your safety

Thanks to its fully programmable emergency call button, which triggers an alarm to the emergency services in the event of an emergency, your safety is assured. The handset is also equipped with Lone Worker Protection (LWP): a feature that automatically sends an alarm if the user does not report his or her presence within a set time period to protect each of its users depending on their activities.


Exceptional audio quality

Benefit from an audio power equivalent to that of your smartphone (900mW) which will allow you to hear clearly and distinctly each of your exchanges whatever the environment which surrounds you (noise on the building site, road traffic, engines, machines, ...)


A radio that adapts to your constraints

Do you need discretion or are you in a noisy environment? No problem, the LTE IP503H handheld has an integrated vibrator that can be activated when a call is received to warn you (customisable vibration).


Functional use in all weathers

By meeting the IP67 standard, the LTE IP503H handheld is completely waterproof and dustproof, allowing you to use it outdoors in the harshest of environments.

Your ally in coordinating your response
Each IP503H LTE radio has a built-in GPS which regularly transmits the location of the equipment to a geolocation application such as Front connect software .

This option allows you to meet different needs to optimise your strategic and operational management. It allows you to centralise and obtain an overview of your fleet. In particular, you can :

- Display the contact details and status of each user
- Geolocate alarms
- Geofencing (definition of an area to be secured for a dedicated intervention)
- Send emails
- Obtain travel history
- etc.
The SaaS operation of this software application allows access from anywhere on PC or smartphone.

Contact us for futher details about Front connect 


Interconnect your equipment with other technologies

The VE-PG4 gateway (link to pdt) allows you to connect your LTE equipment with other communication equipment (PMR radio, Satellite, Wi-Fi, aviation, marine ...).


Communication logging

The LTE IP503H terminals can record the beginning of each reception for one minute for later playback.


Les avantages du LTE/PoC handset - ICOM

  • Worldwide coverage (multi-operator SIM)
  • Security features: integrated alarm button, PTI and Lone Worker
  • Interconnection with third party communication systems (PMR, WiFi, telephony, ...with VE-PG4 gateway)
  • Ultra-compact, slim and lightweight handheld
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Geolocation software (optional)
  • Integrated Bluetooth
image lte/poc handset-icom
Power supply 220V

BC-207S : BC-207S#24

image lte/poc handset-icom


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