Terminal satellite BGAN 510 Inmarsat Inmarsat

Terminal satellite BGAN 510 Inmarsat


The smallest satellite terminal!

In partnership with the Cobham company, Inmarsat has developed a range of products offering IP and voice services delivered over the Inmarsat network.  In line with its ambitions, the BGAN product range enables professionals to stay connected in difficult and/or precarious environments.  With Inmarsat's global coverage, the various BGAN terminals are an indispensable ally wherever you go.

The BGAN EXPLORER 510 stands out for its perfect balance between size and performance, which will meet the most demanding requirements in terms of practicality.
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Features of the Inmarsat BGAN 510 :


Your best ally during your missions

The BGAN satellite terminal has a compact (20.2 x 20.2 x 5.18 cm) and light (1.4kg) format that makes it easy to use and transport. It is the smallest BGAN explorer on the market.
In addition, its magnesium casing makes the Inmarsat BGAN 510 water and dust resistant (IP66 protection). Inmarsat's satellite terminal can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C, ensuring optimal operation. The BGAN 510 is the ideal companion for all your missions, even in the most difficult environments.
These features allow the Inmarsat BGAN 510 satellite terminal to strike the perfect balance between ergonomics and performance.



Make satellite calls directly from your smartphone! 

Do you have an Android or IOS phone? The BGAN 510 offers you the possibility to make phone calls from your smartphone. Simply download the Explorer Connect application. 



Available everywhere, all the time 

The Inmarsat satellite network is renowned for its reliability. Don't be dependent on the network and ensure your security by choosing the BGAN range. The Inmarsat BGAN 510 satellite terminal guarantees you connections and communications whenever you want.   
Also, the Inmarsat voice and data connection equipment has an autonomy of 36H in standby (temperatures: 0°C to 55°C).



Choose simplicity and efficiency 

Intuitive and easy to use, the Inmarsat BGAN explorer 510 is quick to learn and can be used to meet your needs immediately. The user interface allows you to easily set up the BGAN 510 remotely. It can be used on any connected device. 



Other features of the Inmarsat BGAN EXPLORER 510 : 

- Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
- Broadband access with speeds up to 464 kbps
- LTE explorer modem option (connect to USB port) to turn your phone into a smarthub)
- Text message of 160 characters 
- 1 ethernet port
- Charging time: less than 3 hours 
- Available in 7 languages (FR, UK, ES, UK, RU, CN and JP)

Advice from the expert

Gregory Voisin,

Designed for mobile use, the BGAN explorer 510 also works in infrastructures thanks to its access point function.

expert gregory sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Terminal satellite - Inmarsat

  • Compact size for easy carrying
  • Lightweight (1.4 KG)
  • Reliable Inmarsat network
  • 36H battery life
  • Easy to use





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