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248,60 € HT Handheld marine VHF IC-M73EURO SERIE ICOM


The professional radio series of reference for sailors!

ICOM is an internationally renowned manufacturer of radio communication systems. The company stands out for the strong values that characterise their products: reliability, safety, robustness and innovation.
Offering a complete line of products adapted to the maritime sector, ICOM is considered as a specialist in transmissions. Its know-how and experience enable it to meet the various specific expectations of its customers and have opened the doors to many sectors: shipyards, rescue services, federations, nautical races, etc...  

True to its reputation for excellence, the latest generation of ICOM products for the maritime sector, such as the IC-M73EURO SERIE portable marine VHF, is enriched with numerous new features combining performance and innovation. 

This equipment is available in IC-M73EURO PLUS and IC-M73EURO versions. 



Features of the IC-M73EURO SERIE portable marine VHF



Strong and clear communications 

Thanks to their optimised audio power of 700 mW, you won't miss a call even in noisy environments.

In addition, the IC-M73EURO PLUS handheld marine VHF radio (only) features the unique Bass Boost function, which improves the audio quality of your incoming and outgoing communications by increasing the bass. 

Finally, the IC-M73EURO PLUS professional radio has an active noise reducer that reduces background noise by up to 90% to ensure an ideal connection in all circumstances (wind, engine noise, etc.). 



Check important information with the automatic recorder

The portable marine VHF IC-M73EURO PLUS is equipped with an automatic recorder of the last minute of reception. This allows you to check information such as the position of a boat or the weather report. 



Built for marine environments/sectors

The IC-M73EURO SERIE portable marine VHF has side grips for optimal handling. 

In addition, the IC-M73EURO SERIE is equipped with the latest ICOM innovations in terms of waterproofing (IPX8), offering you a perfect resistance for 30 minutes under 1.5 m of water without altering its performance. 
The IC-M73EURO Series is equipped with the Aqua Quake function, which ejects water from the speakers and microphones to ensure optimal performance. 



The most powerful portable marine VHF 

With a 6W transmitting power and an exceptional autonomy of 15 to 18 hours in normal condition thanks to a 2150mAh Li-ion battery supplied, the IC-M73EURO SERIE are the most performing marine VHF on the market. They will meet all your requirements and you can always rely on them whatever the conditions and constraints encountered. 



Optimise your performance with the IC-M73EURO SERIE

Do you want fast and efficient access to the channels you want? The IC-M73EURO Series professional radios give you one-touch access to channel 16 (emergency channel) as well as to your preferred channels. Plus, they keep you in constant touch with your crew so you don't miss a thing thanks to automatic channel scanning.  


Other features of the ICOM IC-M73EURO SERIE portable marine VHF: 

- Dual and triple watch 
- 4-level battery indicator 
- 70 programmable private channels
- Integrated Vox 
- Fluvial ATIS function 
- Waterproof accessory socket 
- 3 year warranty 


Les avantages du Handheld marine VHF - ICOM

  • Exceptional autonomy (15 to 18 hours)
  • 700 mW audio power 
  • Ambient noise reduction and bass boost (IC-73EURO PLUS only) 
  • AquaQuake function
  • Automatic recorder (IC-73EURO PLUS only) 
  • Compact and ergonomic design with side grips 
  • Waterproof (IPX8)
  • 70 private channels

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