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Hybrid LTE and PMR handheld IP730D SERIE ICOM LTE (3G/4G)
Hybrid LTE and PMR handheld IP730D SERIE ICOM LTE (3G/4G)

797,50 € HT Hybrid LTE and PMR handheld IP730D SERIE ICOM

LTE (3G/4G)

The IP730D SERIES, the most powerful handheld on the market!

ICOM's LTE Radio offer provides you with the most powerful mobile networks of the major operators to benefit from clear and instantaneous communications all over the world!

The new IP730D (VHF) /IP740D (UHF) walkie-talkie offers exclusive "dual mode" LTE & PMR operation allowing you to benefit from the combined advantages of two powerful networks:

Virtually unlimited mobile phone coverage with multi-operator SIM card
And the PMR professional radio call and security functionalities combined for an unequalled continuity of service!

Thanks to a multi-operator SIM card, your IP730D hybrid terminal adapts to the most suitable network according to your geographical area. No more need for infrastructure or waiting to obtain a radio frequency, LTE radios are immediately available.

ICOM's professional hybrid solution is suitable for all sectors of activity. It offers you more comfort and improved productivity. This innovative hybrid system is particularly interesting for sectors that have a large radio fleet and above all resilience.

How does dual mode LTE & PMR work?

The IP730D SERIE solution offers an exclusive dual mode feature. This innovation allows you to make calls on the LTE network or on the digital or analogue PMR network thanks to the dual PTT button. In fact, you have simultaneous reception of PMR and LTE modulations, which allows you to receive a call even while you are in conversation and thus not miss any call, whatever the mode!

This is useful when the operator's network is saturated or unavailable at times. Thus, with a single press you can switch to the PMR network and keep the link with your contact or your teams.

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Features of the hybrid LTE and PMR IP730D SERIE handset

A concentrate of innovation to offer you only the best

The IP730D SERIE hybrid handheld centralises the most efficient current technologies (digital PMR, analogue PMR, operated LTE and private LTE networks) to offer you dual mode operation.

This range is available in 2 models: IP730D (VHF) and IP740D (UHF) depending on your environment.


Simple and intuitive to use

The IP730D SERIE is equipped with a double Push-To-Talk (PTT) button for quick switching from one mode to another (LTE or PMR). Thanks to the broadcast calls, this equipment allows you to transmit a call at the same time on LTE and PMR networks by pressing the 2 PTT buttons simultaneously.

This handheld is also equipped with a "Bridge" mode that allows automatic links between LTE and PMR stations or between UHF PMR and VHF PMR stations.


The ideal equipment for your safety

Thanks to its fully programmable emergency call button, which triggers an alarm to the emergency services in the event of an emergency, your safety is assured.

The IP730D is also equipped with  Lone Worker functions to protect each user according to their activities.


Outstanding audio quality

Enjoy the unprecedented audio power of 1.5W for optimal sound quality.


Functional use in all weather conditions

The IP730D series hybrid PMR and LTE handheld is IP67 rated and is completely dust and waterproof.


Your ally in coordinating your response

Each of the IP730D/IP740D LTE radios has a state-of-the-art integrated GPS that regularly transmits the location of the equipment to an application such as Front connect software.

This option allows you to meet different needs to optimise your strategic and operational management. It allows you to centralise and obtain an overview of your fleet. In particular, you can :

- Display the contact details and status of each user
- Geolocate alarms
- Geofencing (definition of an area to be secured for a dedicated intervention)
- Send emails
- Obtain travel history
- Etc

The SaaS application allows you to access the software wherever you are. It is available on PC and smartphone.


Communication recordings

The IP730D SERIE terminals can record the beginning of each reception for 4 minutes to listen to them later.

Discover all the features of the IP730D SERIE hybrid LTE and PMR handsets on the LTE catalogue or www.radioLTE.com


Advice from the expert

Olivier Guillaume,

The IP730D is the perfect equipment for those who are looking for a good digital device with the ability to switch to LTE outside the PMR coverage area, or as an LTE radio with the ability to switch to Simplex if needed.

The bonus of the range: the LTE access can be used to remotely reprogram the radios, which is unique in PMR!

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Les avantages du Hybrid LTE and PMR handheld - ICOM

  •  Simultaneous reception of PMR and LTE modulations (dual mode)
  •  Lone Worker function
  • Broadcast call (dual PTT button)  
  • Bridge mode 
  • Simple and intuitive operation 
  • Outstanding audio quality 
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67)  
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Full duplex exchange 
  • Geolocation software (optional)
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