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Digital handheld radio IC-F52D Serie ICOM VHF/UHF
Digital handheld radio IC-F52D Serie ICOM VHF/UHF
Digital handheld radio IC-F52D Serie ICOM VHF/UHF
Digital handheld radio IC-F52D Serie ICOM VHF/UHF

589,60 € HT Digital handheld radio IC-F52D Serie ICOM


Discover the most compact PMR terminal in the IDAS range with the IC-F52D series!

Recognised for the quality and performance of its radiocommunication equipment, ICOM is the transmission specialist with a diversified product line that meets the requirements of the maritime, land and aviation sectors. 

All ICOM products are designed and manufactured with the main concern in mind: ensuring the safety of users.

Each of the brand's equipment is developed in accordance with the values that contribute to the company's international reputation: reliability, ease of use, robustness, innovation and respect for the environment. 

The IC-F52D digital handheld is ICOM's newest product, offering all the latest technologies to enable users to increase their productivity efficiently while enjoying an optimal user experience. This handheld from the IDAS range is available in VHF or UHF. 

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Features of the IC-F52D series digital handheld


Built for user safety 

In addition to the SOS button on the unit that allows you and your teams to trigger an alarm in the event of a problem, the IC-F52D series digital handhelds are equipped with all the features that guarantee the protection of lone workers (PTI). They not only detect the loss of verticality of the user, but can also be programmed to signal at regular intervals that they are safe, otherwise an alarm will be triggered.


Waterproof in any environment 

Rated to IP67, ICOM's IC-F52D handhelds are completely dustproof and can withstand immersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 1m without affecting functionality. 


Clear communication even in the noisiest areas

Each of the IC-F52D series has an active noise reduction feature. This reduces outside noise by filtering out voice frequencies to improve communication. 


Optimised programming and equipment updates to save you time 

Recognising that your business will continue to evolve, each IC-F52D business radio is equipped with features that make it easy to update and program equipment remotely to save time and productivity:  
- The "over-the-air" (OTAP) function allows you to remotely modify the data of each of your terminals (modification of a time delay for example or addition of a frequency). 
- The "over-the-air-alias" (OAA) function allows you to automatically update the user directory of each workstation remotely. 


Ergonomically optimised for an unbeatable user experience 

The particularly compact and slim format of ICOM's IC-F52D series digital handhelds was made possible by the use of the latest developments in integration, miniaturisation and microprocessor technology, which gives it an exceptional grip. It is also the lightest handheld in ICOM's professional radio range at 230g. 


Communication recording 

Whether you need to clear up a doubt or listen to conversations again, each IC-F52D terminal offers you the possibility of recording your communications for up to 8 minutes in "wave" format.  


Never miss a call again!

Whether you need to be discreet or the environment is too noisy (close to aircraft turbines, events sector, etc.) each terminal has a built-in vibrator that can be activated when a call is received. You can also customise the vibrator to your preference. 


Other features : 

- 512 memory channels and 128 directories 
- Voice activation function
- Channel announcement by voice synthesis 
- Radio check, Stun/Revive, Kill function 
- Integrated Bluetooth 
- Transparent modem function for sending radio data at a speed of 9600 Bds


Advice from the expert

Olivier Guillaume,

The IC-F52D handheld is ideal for users who need a compact and lightweight product with Bluetooth, vibrate, and PTI capabilities, while being compatible with the advanced F3400 series of accessories. 

expert olivier sorrac-icom

Les avantages du Digital handheld radio - ICOM

  • Lone worker protection: loss of verticality / Regular interval signalling / SOS button
  • IP 67 sealing
  • Noise reduction
  • Remote updating and programming
  • Very compact, thin and light shape

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